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The Outdoor Adventure Playground

Our safe, enclosed outdoor space has been carefully designed to allow our children of all ages to experience exciting adventures! They could be hiding in a den one day, or crossing a wobbly bridge on another!  The physical element of our children's development is carried through and enhanced in this area by providing large climbing frames, slides and balancing apparatus.

We have thought the space through to ensure all areas of learning are represented in the outdoor space to provide an “outdoor classroom”.  Each child learns in a different style, and boys in particular are better engaged when in a free, no walls, outdoor space.

 Children of all ages have access to a large sand pit which encourages little ones to actually get into the sand and experience the textures  and sensory elements that this valuable resource provides.

Quiet areas within the playground will ensure children can have a bit of chill out time when they need to relax, or spend some down time with their key carer reading a book.

A purpose built bike and trike run gives children wonderful opportunities to develop their muscles, balance and self confidence.